'The Weird Sisters' Author Eleanor Brown Shares Her Thoughts About Libraries


Eleanor Brown linked herself with the most august figure in English literature, William Shakespeare, for a debut novel that explored the intricate relationships between siblings.

In The Weird Sisters, the title siblings were raised on books, with a family motto that might as well be, "There's no problem a library card can't solve." The father is a Shakespeare professor who named the trio after three of the Bard's most famous characters.

In real life, Brown might very well have adopted that very motto, as she relates in this video interview.

"For every stage in my life, I can associate a library with it," she said.

Libraries, she said, helped foster her love for such works of classic literature as Gone With the Wind and Great Expectations. They would read aloud to her during storytimes and even hand her books.

"My love of reading was absolutely fostered by libraries."



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