Susan Kowalski, 2012 Winner of the I Love My Librarian Award


Susan Kowalski, one of ten winners of the 2012 Carnegie Corporation of New York/New York Times I Love My Librarian Award, speaks about what it means to win the award.

Kowalski is a school librarian at Pine Grove Middle School Library in East Syracuse, New York.

Brad Meltzer mentioned her by name in his editorial for The Huffington Post, "The Unsung Heroes in our Schools:"    

"Librarian Sue Kowalski created areas for students to focus on graphic novels and drawing. Through her "iStaff" program, middle school students were able to act as tutors, reading advisors and event tech support, while assuming the role of ambassadors to visiting legislators."

In addition to the many innovative programs Kowalski created at Pine Grove Middle School Library, nominators said, "Sue always has an open door policy for everyone who seeks to learn, not to mention just being there for a friendly chat, encouraging word, or a place to relax"

Read her nomination and learn more about the 2012 winners.

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