September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month for American Public Libraries

The Library Card is the Smartest Card. Get it. Use it.

There is no better time of the year than September to sign up for a library card. All next month, the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries all across the country are celebrating the value of getting a library card.

A library card is your ticket to joining the millions of Americans that now turn to the library on a regular basis as their source for books, DVD movies, digital music, and even help jump-starting their career.

According to the ALA’s wiki on circulation, library cards first came around in the late 1800s and were the result of the public library movement. At first, getting a library card was a long, cumbersome registration process. Fortunately for us, everything is now done digitally and getting a library card couldn’t possibly be easier.

Lately, there has been a huge growth in the number of people who rely on the library for everything from finding a job to unlocking The Da Vinci Code. Others have found the library as a place they can surf the Internet, access the latest DVD releases, or perhaps just sit and relax for awhile.

WNBA All-American basketball star Candace Parker is helping the ALA promote this national occasion with free print and audio public service announcements for libraries that want to get the word out. Parker is quoted on the print ad as saying, “The library card is the smartest card in my wallet.”

If you don’t already have a library card, then be sure to stop by your local public library sometime during the month of September. If you have one, but know a friend or young person who doesn’t, then bring them to the library to get a card! It’s quick, easy, free, and you’ll open yourself to a whole new world of information, entertainment and opportunity. For more information, check out or your local library.