My Library Experience

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by Jordan Messing

I’ve had many wonderful library experiences ever since I was four. When I was four, I started to go to the library with my parents. The first time I went to the library, I was excited and a little nervous, but then again, I was four. I can’t remember much when I was little, but what I can remember is that the very first library I when to was at my old elementary school, Cromie Elementary. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to that school so I can’t remember much, but when I went to Amanda Moore, that library was just a little bit better because it had a lot more books (and not just picture books).

As I got older I needed some bigger and older books to read. When I couldn’t find any that I liked, I went to the librarian, I told her what type of books that I was interested in, she went to her computer, typed in a few books and told me where to find them,

I thought that was so cool! They had a small library, so I ran out of good books to read. When I told my mom she said that it’s about time to go to a public library. By then I was eight and used to libraries by then, I was thinking “oh same old same old”. When we got there, I thought it was the biggest library in the world. It had an adult side and a kid’s side. My mom told me to start with the kids side first, then when I’m older I can go over to the adult side.

Now that I’m older and went on to middle school, I have many resources from my school library, and two other public libraries. There’re great to go to, especially since I have a lot of book reports and research projects. Half of my time at the library I spend on the computer, the other half on books.

The library is useful for many things such as library computers which are useful for many things like research, music, games, and searching for books in that library or a different library. Also some quiet or alone time to your self. A time to relax and get away in a good book. One big reason to go to the library is to learn. The library is a chance to learn something new every day. And those are my wonderful library experiences. The bad ones are another story.