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Content on is designed for your patrons, and  you. On this site, you will find timely articles that you can use to help your patrons use your library more, and use it better.

How? This site  features a broad array of topics, and every article tells readers how to use their library to learn more, do more, and experience more about the topic. Want to highlight, say, your library's language-learning collection or classes? "Job Seekers: Learn a Second Language" tells your patrons why they should study a foreign language and how the library can help.

Everything here is offered under a Creative Commons license, so you can post the article to your library's web site and take that message directly to your users. Or, you can bookmark and share stories using the icons on the right.

In addition, we encourage you to adapt the articles for your specific library and community. For example, every article here links to additional resources on WorldCat, but you can add to or alter that resource list to cover just the titles that your library offers, and link them to your own catalog. Want to use the article to promote your library's new Spanish classes? Just add the details. (And if you do, we'd love to hear about it.)

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