How to Get a Library Card:

Please note a library card is not generally needed to use resources within the library. You will need a library card if you want to check out resources such as books, e-books, DVDs, CDs, reserve computer time or to use or reserve materials on library websites.

Here is a checklist of items you will generally need to apply for a library card:


  • A library card application (available at your local library or sometimes available on your local library’s Web site. Some libraries, such as the New York Public Library offer online library card registration.)
  • Current and valid ID with photo, name and local address
  • Two pieces of current identification, one must include your name and address. These may include personal check; current telephone, gas, electric or cable bill; mail with a current postmark (within 30 days); or Voter’s Registration card (no post box numbers will be accepted).


  • Children under the age of 14 generally need a parent's signature to complete the application process. (They will also need to present an ID with photo, name and address.)
  • People without a permanent address may show proof of residence with a letter certifying their resident status from the social service agency where he or she receives mail. (No post office box numbers will be accepted.)
  • Some libraries have special collection materials that may require an additional research library card; these generally have similar requirements as getting a library card.

This list provides typical items that are needed to apply for a library card. Call or visit your local library for more details.